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Information and Franchise Analysis

Executive Franchise Match is a FREE consulting service designed to help business professionals looking to make a Career Transition and get into Business Ownership. We can help you through the entire process and give you an opportunity to explore many franchise opportunities all in one place without having to deal with individual franchise sales people continually calling you to promote the benefits of their franchise.

Here are the various types of Franchises and Investment opportunities available:

Full Time Franchise owner – This is 100% day to day operating of the Franchise by the owner. Called an owner/operator.

Part Time Franchise owner – This can be either with a partner who owns and operates the business with you or, you invest and oversee the day to day with someone operating the Franchise. This can allow you to keep your day job short or long term.

Passive Investor – This can be investing in the purchase of the Franchise and having someone manage the day to day operations.

Unit Franchise owner – This is ownership of one single Franchise

Multi – Franchise owner – This is ownership of two or more Franchises

Master Franchise owner – This is someone who purchases the rights to a large area, like a State, Province or small Country then there are trained on how to operate one Unit Franchise for themselves then trained to sell and manage their Franchisees – sub Franchise – within their territory. A Master receives 2 types of income, from Franchise sales and Royalties – residual income – from their Franchisees.

Resale Franchises – We present a number of excellent resale Franchises in many different industries. Could be a great investment especially if a manager and staff stay.

E2-VISA Franchise – These are Franchises that are awarded to qualified people moving into the USA from other Countries. We can assist with the entire immigration process with 3rd party legal advice as well as Franchise selection that meets immigration regulations.

Here’s our Franchise Match Process

  • Complete the confidential Franchise Analysis Form below and submit directly to us.
  • We will then set up a brief Consultation call with you to review your selections and information.
  • Once we’ve had our call we will go through the over 500 Franchises that we represent to find the Franchises that are the best match for you.
  • If you need Financing we can help you get that.
  • If you need a qualified Franchise Attorney to help you through the legaleeze of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and the Franchise Agreement we can also help you with that.

We have some excellent Franchises in this industry. For a list of our Top 3 Franchises please complete this form