Multiple Revenue Stream Opportunity

Franchise Fees

Ongoing Royalties

Simple Exit Strategy

Master Franchising has been described as' the best business model in Franchising' because it provides 3 revenue streams:

1. when you award a franchise to a candidate you earn a franchise fee,

2. when you help that franchisee build a successful franchise you earn ongoing royalties, and

3. when you decide to retire you have an excellent business to sell.

Master franchises are typically awarded to people who have experience in sales and sales management or experience in the industry that the franchise is in. Typically a Master franchise owner owns a Unit franchise so they can use that as a reference on how the franchise operates however it is not always required. Also most Master franchises can be run with minimal support staff of 2 - 3 people and can be operated as a Home Based business, or in a small office or run directly from the Unit franchise if you own one.

Executive Franchise Match represents a number of Master Franchise opportunities that are available in Canada, USA and Internationally. For more details on any of these opportunities please complete the contact form and we will arrange to get you some detailed information.

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