For many people investing in a NEW Franchise is the best fit for them but, for some people a RESALE Franchise makes the most sense. We represent over 600 established Franchises that offer new Franchises but many of these Franchises have Franchisees who are selling their Franchise for many different reasons. We currently have over 250 Franchises in many different industries that have been operating for a number of years and the owners have decided to sell their business.


Reasons Franchisees sell their existing Franchise:

  • Personal/Family health issues
  • Family needs to relocate
  • Retirement
  • They are downsizing from multiple Unit Franchise ownership to less Units to possibly semi-retire

Reasons to buy a Resale Franchise:

  • Instant cash flow and Financial Statements to see the history of the business
  • You’re buying an established brand in the territory with a customer base
  • Trained staff and possibly a Manager who can run the business with you or ‘for you’ if you’re a passive investor
  • The owner usually stays on through a negotiated transition period
  • Training from the owner and also, the Franchisor Home Office.

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