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Redefine Your Path to Success

At Executive Franchise Match, we don’t just see franchises as financial investments. We see them as life investments. It’s not just about buying a business; it’s about reimagining your lifestyle, taking control of your destiny, and writing a new chapter of your success story.

Join us, and let’s co-author your success story. Dive into a world where opportunities are abundant, and dreams are just the beginning. With Executive Franchise Match, the future is yours to shape. Welcome aboard. 

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Your Personal Franchise Navigator

Why journey alone into the realm of franchising when you can have a trusted ally by your side? With Executive Franchise Match, you have a partner who listens, understands, and curates. With our expansive representation of over 500 franchises, the world of opportunities opens up to you. No more daunting choices; just clear pathways.

Free, Yet Invaluable

Our dedication to your future doesn’t come with a price tag. Our consulting services, rich in experience and knowledge, are offered to you free of cost. We believe in your dream, and we’re here to help you achieve it.

Decades of Mastery at Your Service

Rooted in over 40 years of business finesse, and seasoned with two decades in franchise consultancy and ownership, we don’t just have expertise; we have wisdom. Our insights, derived from years of real-world experience, are tailored to help you pinpoint the franchise that harmonizes with your aspirations.

Your Success, Our Passion

It’s not just about business for us; it’s personal. Every individual we guide reflects our commitment to excellence and passion for transformation. We’re not here to offer you a franchise; we’re here to help you discover a new horizon.

About Mike

mike smith

Mike Smith

Global Franchise Consultant​

Journey: 30+ Years
Franchise Brands Represented: 700+
Industries Spanned: 25+ Globally

Stepping into the world of franchising? Meet Mike Smith, the compass you didn’t know you needed. For over three decades, Mike has been illuminating paths for corporate stalwarts, assisting them in navigating the transformative journey from executive roles to empowered franchise owners.

Mike isn’t just a consultant; he’s a visionary with a repository of knowledge amassed from representing an impressive roster of over 700 franchise brands. Whether you’re eyeing a cozy, home-based venture or are captivated by a high-demand titan, Mike knows the lay of the land.

But what truly sets Mike apart isn’t just his extensive brand representation. It’s his uncanny knack for delving deep, recognizing the unique fusion of passions, goals, and financial capabilities of each client. It’s like he has a sixth sense, aligning aspirations with the perfect franchise opportunity.

From intricacies of financing, wading through legal waters, to mastering the operational dance of franchising, Mike’s wisdom doesn’t stop at the starting line. His enduring commitment is evident in the ongoing support, advice, and mentorship he provides to each and every client. And here’s the cherry on top: his valuable consultation won’t cost you a dime. How, you ask? Well, he’s remunerated by the franchisors, ensuring that your interests always come first.

In Mike’s words, his journey isn’t about clinching deals, it’s about forging success stories. He’s not just helping clients own franchises; he’s assisting them in owning their futures, realizing dreams of business autonomy and financial freedom.

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