Explore the many benefits of franchise ownership

If you’re thinking of a better Work-Life balance for 2023, maybe it’s time to explore the many benefits of Franchise ownership?

With over 25 years experience in Franchise ownership and Consulting, we can help you explore over 700 established Franchises in 25 different Industries. Our Consulting and experience Matching process is simple and FREE.

There are a number of reasons to consider buying a franchise, here are some highlights:

  • Flexible: They span nearly every industry and they come in various shapes and sizes, from smaller initial investment working by yourself to larger investment and working as a full time employer of a staff.
  • Branding: The brand name is already established and prospects will recognize your offering from the get-go. The franchise’s name and logo is one of the core advantages that you are paying for.  
  • Marketing & Advertising: Most franchises provide ad campaigns and marketing tools, as well as aid and guidance with publicity.  
  • Smoother Path: Challenges and mistakes have been made and fixed, and the business model has already been polished to reliability due to the growth and expansion process. You follow the plan rather than needing to figure out everything yourself.  
  • Training: Franchises almost always include comprehensive training for yourself and your future staff.  
  • Support: As well as getting initial training during set up, franchisees receive ongoing support from franchisors in many forms. This support can be invaluable if you face a problem and need advice, as well as staying up with changes in technology or legal requirements.  
  • Location: A franchisor will often help choose a good location, one that can expect heavy customer traffic while remaining affordable, not to mention they will have guidance on competition present in your planned market.  
  • Product: The franchisor usually provides some or all of the products being used or sold. This means it will be much easier for you to get your hands on products at the correct pricing; a key benefit.  
  • Low Risk Level: Lower risk of failure means that banks and investors will be more willing to offer funding to franchisees.  
  • Easy to Sell: A franchise will always have interest, franchisors should be able assist with the search, so you are not depending on your efforts alone to find prospective buyers.

Top Franchises of 2023

Business Expense Reduction Services

For all companies small or large, managing costs is imperative so helping companies save money will be an excellent business. We have a few excellent Franchises in this Industry that provide this service.

Commercial & Office Cleaning Services

There is no doubt this will be a hot Industry. Companies will be mandated by Government to have much higher cleaning regulations in place for their staff, equipment and the products being shipped out of their doors. Employees will also want to ensure that the companies they are working for meet these new higher standards.

Home Care

This has always been a strong Industry with the aging baby boomers but unfortunately too many seniors have become vulnerable to poorly run Seniors Homes and been exposed to a high level of people traffic coming into these homes.


“Mike was very patient with us through the entire franchise search process. He clearly understood our interests, background and budget. In the end we made a great choice and we are now very happy doing what we love and making an excellent income with our Senior Care Franchise.”  

– David and Marianne – Toronto, Ontario